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Our free service instantly translates words, phrases between English and over 100 other languages.

How it work

To translate a text on our application, simply speak into microphone or type the text you wish to translate

Get translations in over 100 languages

With iTranslator you can translate text or websites, start voice conversations or lookup words, meanings and even verb conjugations in over 100 languages.

Instant voice translation

No training needed. Just start speaking and iTranslate recognizes your voice, converts your words to text and translates them into another language.

Share your translation

Easily copy to clipboard and share your translations to social networks. It's so easy to bring your own contribution!

Contact us

Contact us for any queries you have regarding our service. We love to get feedback from our users.
Email support: [email protected]

What's people say

Carolyn Welch

Excellent addition when using the above app. Good job team!

Bruce Parker

Works well for translating everyday words. I use it especially with Spanish speaking people at work and so I can practice French with my daughter. Very helpful!

Lauren Cole

It’s super easy to use

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